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A portal that can understand Educational Institutions very well; helps them manage database, communicate, interact and brand themselves by providing smart tools to their stakeholders. Its free.


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We, at Student and Beyond Online Services believe in Students and their capacity to create a difference. We are currently offering paid internships across India. Contact us and we'll let you know whats next!


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Supporting student community has been our business policy since inception. If you have a story that needs support, we are here.

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We are here

because of the void that always existed in the market of educational institutions. Educational hubs are failing to integrate with their Students, Alumni, Faculty and their other stakeholders on a single platform.

We are here to build a virtual community for educational institutions and their stakeholders that is beyond expectations, beyond imagination and in one word beyond 'boundaries'.

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Educational Institutions

We help you brand yourself, communicate and interact with your stakeholders with ease.

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Students & Alumni

We understand your issues very well. With just one click, we connect you to your all-time solutions.

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Teachers & Mentors

Our smart tools helps you work less and enjoy more.

Have You Seen our Work Yet?

We support ideas that are meaningful and that have potential to influence the community. We've been a part of support for very innovative projects - both internal and external.

project 1

Smart Web Portal for Edu Institutes

ClientStudent and Beyond Online Services Pvt Ltd
DateJun 2012 - Present
SupportInternally funded and inhouse product

A portal that can understand Educational Institutions very well; helps them manage database, communicate, interact and brand themselves by providing smart tools to their stakeholders. Its free.

project 2

RIPoff - Advertisement

ClientUday Gurrala Photography
DateNovember 2013
SupportProduced and Funded

During Indian Assembly Elections, an aspiring young cinematographer Uday Gurrala, came up with an idea to educate voters before they cast their vote. The message is very powerful.

project 3

Making Public Data Meaningful

DateMarch 2015
SupportLending inhouse Designers for making creating infographics

With an aim to make pulic data meaningful, one of the influential RTI Activists of India, Mr. Rakesh Dubbudu has initiated his brainchild - Factly; A free website that educates and influences audience in the most powerful way. Student and Beyond Online Services lends its designers to make infographics with a brand signature "Beyond Student".

  • project 1

    Beyond Student

    The Smart Web Portal for Edu Institutes

  • project 2


    A powerful advert to educate voters

  • project 3


    An influential tool to understand public data

We Are...

a bunch of enthusiasts from different backgrounds. All aged less than 30, our dream began way back in 2011 to 'organize' the educational community in the most legit way, so that it can eventually help the community back. We have established our organization in 2012 and began working towards building a platform that can accommodate all the educational stakeholders, with the 'Institution' being the centre of focus. This integration process took several years to research the market, analyze the collected data and then make improvements accordingly. Beta version of the product that ran in 2013 has yielded tremendous success that boosted our morals kept us going forward to build the most sophisticated and integrated platform of the educational community yet!

With support from few of the top instutions in India, Australia and aid from a US company, we have been successful so far in giving a proper shape to the product - BeyondStudent. Meanwhile, we have been encouraging innovative educational products of our partner companies and funded ideas that had the potential to bring a positive change in the student community.

team 1

Sahitya Reddi Sunkireddi



Believes in possibilities and ever ready to lead. Sahitya with her zeal to bring a change in the student community, co-founded the company. She is very approachable and dependent.

Reachable on

team 1

Bhanu Reddy Kanthala


(Marketing - Technical)

Bhanu Prakash Kanthala has a unique combination of technical and entrepreneurial expertise of more than 7 years. His ideas and projections both technical and marketing have helped Student And Beyond Online Services Pvt Ltd successfully launch its production in 2012.

Reachable on

team 1

Abhilash Bandi


(Design & Architecture)

Abhilash seeks immense pleasure in creation and innovation. Abhilash denies to give up, no matter what it takes - an extremely positive person with an eye for detail. Supporting the company since its inception, Abhilash is the latest addition to the Directors' team.

Reachable on

team 1

Apeksha Badagavi

Senior Software Analyst

Freelancer/Product Dev

With 4 years previous corporate MNC expertise, Apeksha has added a new dimension to the production team. Her inhouse tenure of 2.5 years has helped the company reach targets faster.

team 1

Srikar Chepuri

Web Analyst

Part time/Marketing

Extremely enthusiastic and indefinitely active Srikar motivates not just the team but online branding of the product as well.

Reachable on

team 1

Vamshi Krishna

Quality Assurance Engineer

Online Resource/Testing

Vamshi's love for his work and dedication is beyond words. He never quits until his job is done. Period.

team 1

Debendra Samal

Software Engineer

Part time/Product Dev

Deben adds his own flavor to the product. Very quick learner and his eye for improvisation is worth a pat.

We are Hiring

  • Should be able to sell yourself well

  • Communication Skills

  • Out-of-the-box thinker

  • Wear a smile and be confident

Branding Executives

You will be expected to meet our clients (Educational Institutions and their stakeholders) at their location to promote our brand. Unlike door-knocking sales executive, you will be well regarded by our clients in this process of our product branding. If you are interested in the role, email us your resume to or click on the button below.

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